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About the Dayan Group

Specializing in adding value to a varied and impressive range of commercial and rental properties, the Dayan Group manages over $250 million of real estate investments located in the heart of some of Montreal's most popular districts. The company is also currently involved in real estate redevelopment projects exceeding $100 million in value.

The Dayan Group offers a comprehensive gamut of commercial, light industrial and office space for lease.

The company made a name for itself restoring prominent buildings such as the W Hotel, the Gleneagles, the Musique Plus building (the Entertainment District), “Le Loft” (Plateau Mont-Royal) and HUB Chabanel.

Enjoying a solid reputation in the real estate and financial sectors, the Dayan Group is also renowned for its steadfast commitment to clients and agents alike. The Dayan team leverages extensive expertise in the revitalization of buildings to design uniquely innovative spaces intended to achieve harmony with their surroundings.

La Fabrique

The Dayan Group has established itself as a pioneer in urban renewal mainly through the revitalization of neighborhoods with strong economic potential. The conversion of 125 Chabanel into a building with 192 industrial-style residential lofts and a one-of-a-kind façade design launched the Chabanel district in a new direction that brings together lifestyle, work and leisure.

W Hotel

A luxury boutique hotel known for its unique and contemporary design, the W Montreal won the coveted Condé Nast Traveller award in the category "Best New Hotel".


With over 6 million square feet of real estate investment, the Dayan Group has developed and managed a comprehensive portfolio of commercial, residential, light industrial and office space set in the most popular areas of Montreal.


Located at the intersection of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Mount-Royal Avenue this fully-renovated building houses several media and entertainment agencies as well as successful marketing and public relations firms.


Situated in Old Montreal, 240 Saint-Jacques was completely restored respecting standards of heritage conservation featuring the preservation of the building’s original limestone.

Sainte-Catherine West

Home to the popular TV channel Musique Plus, the redevelopment of 355 Sainte-Catherine West was a forerunner that led to Montreal’s rejuvenated Entertainment Quarter. The property was renovated from top to bottom.

Company Mission

Inspired by the vision of President Georges Dayan, The Dayan Group mission is to maximize the value of existing infrastructure by renovating buildings and spaces with inspired designs and innovative technology that both achieve high standards of sustainable development and respond to the expectations of the current real estate market.

To achieve this mission the Dayan Group performs a thorough analysis of the real estate market, identifies emerging needs and selects buildings, streets and neighborhoods likely to meet the requirements of business customers concerned with cost-efficiency and a stimulating work environment. Supported by a proven team of architects and designers, the Dayan Group reimagines, reconceives, retrofits and repurposes spaces to give them new vocations and a second life.

The Gleneagles
3940 Côte-des-Neiges Rd.

A registered historic building, The Gleneagles is unarguably one of Montreal’s architectural jewels.


Since 1986, the Dayan Group has worked to improve and preserve the urban heritage of Montreal by finding fresh purpose for buildings in need of rejuvenation. The company is recognized for its expertise and excellence in property management, restoration and development.